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Seeking to preserve the balance of nature in our region.


Posted: Saturday 29 May 2021

Community Conversations Connecting with the love of our Pagoda Country. Care for our Country!

Amazing things happen when passions from the heart push the boundaries
Official #PagodaExhibition and launch of #DestinationPagodaEconomicReport.

#GangGangGallery15May21. Master of Ceremonies Ramsay Moodie National Trust Lithgow and Sharon Howard Director Gang Gang Gallery opened the doors to share the passion with the official opening of Exhibition Pagoda and the launch of Destination Pagoda Economic Report.

Guest Speakers:
Sarah Tereks. Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute Governance.Eco-art connection to nature to wildness & wilderness
Dr Richard Stiles - President Lithgow Environment Group reflections on where we have been and where we are going
Professor Anne Graham - Pagoda Installation &
Nic Tsoutas, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen. Artists on their conversation between spiritual response to landscape
Dr Haydn Washington - Environmental Scientist/writer - Journey stories 40 years in the waiting 40 years in the making. LAUNCHES Destination Pagoda Economic Report.
Madi McLean - Senior Vice President Blue Mts Conservation Society - conversation on conservation and a opportunity for Lithgow to flourish with a sustainable DP Economic Tourism plan
Greg Mortimer OAM - deep seated feelings on the journey behind and on a sustainable way forward.

Lithgow Environment Group as with the Gardens of Stone Alliance give thanks and gratitude to all who came together to share their voice and to be heard.