Mt piper meeting notes 2-3-20 – Lithgow Environment Group
Seeking to preserve the balance of nature in our region.


Posted: 3/2/2020.

EnergyAustralia Lithgow Region Community Consultative Committee.Was formed in 2018 following updated requirements of the Department of Planning and Environment, and continues the information and idea sharing of our previous Community Reference Group.
The EnergyAustralia Lithgow Regional Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meets quarterly, usually at our Mt Piper Power Station to discuss major projects affecting our assets (including Wallerawang Power Station and Pine Dale Mine) and to assist in building relations with the local community.
Membership of the group includes representatives of: Environmental Groups, Lithgow City Council, Community Groups, Local Residents

Review of notes from previous meeting

Brendan called for comments on the previous notes.»
There were no additional comments noted.
The meeting notes were adopted. Answers to questions/actions arising from December meeting:»
Q – Julie: Has the report on leaching into groundwater been finalised? Could the results be put into the community newsletter? What has been tested for and what are the locations of possible leaching – testing should be completed on all elements including Chromium 6.»
A: Greg highlighted the first phase of the independent groundwater study on the Ash Repository is expected to be finalised in March 2020, including a recommendation of the proposed mitigation control measures for receptors.»EnergyAustralia have been working closely with consultants ERM, McMahon Services and the EPA, and are developing a concept design for mitigations. They are now close to finalising and EnergyAustralia will be able to provide a full update at the next CCC meeting without needing to speculate.